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Cocktails and Ingredients

A plum brandy that not only puts hair on your chest, but then sets fire to that hair. In Eastern Europe, this was often manufactured, and even more often drunk, by Jews.

Heering Cherry Liqueur  
When old Jews said they wanted schnapps, this was usually what they were talking about, and it's delicious.

I. W. Harper Bourbon  
You might think there is nothing Jewish about bourbon, a drink associated with the Appalachian mountains. You would be wrong.

Everybody's favorite Kosher wine makes a surprisingly good mixer.

The Bee's Knees
The most famous cocktail from legendary Jewish bartender Frank Meier, it's the perfect mix of lemon and gin.

A Shot Called Rosh Hashana
Invented by the blog author from a pair of German liqueurs, it's both apples and honey in a shot glass.

The Automobile
A cocktail invented by the great Jewish bartender Frank Meier, it's a bit like a martini with scotch dumped into it, or a Rob Rob with gin dumped into it.

Cel-Ray Soda
This celery flavored soda, called the Jewish champagne, is mostly unknown outside of New York, but makes a dynamite Bloody Mary.

An ethnic bar needs at least one decent beer. Forunately, Jews have HE'BREW, and it's superb.

The SeaPea Cocktail
Another invention by Frank Meier, named for Cole Porter, and perhaps the best drink to showcase the flavor of absinthe.

The Mazel Tov Cocktail
At least one good thing came out of the 2016 presidential election: A misstatement from a Trump surrogate provided a perfect name for a Jewish cocktail.

A Hungarian drink that allows us to imagine what it would have been like to be Jewish aristocrats in Budapest before WWII.

The Jukebox

Surf Music, the Original Gypsy Punk
Although we associate the music with sand and sea, surf music has been popularizing Jewish and Eastern European music since it started.

Jewish bars

The Pink Elephant Room
This was the bar at the legendary Grossinger's Catskill's resort, and was a bit of a swingers paradise.