Year 2, Week 4: The List

The stats:

I have studied Yiddish for 366 days
I have studied Yiddish flashcards for a total of 228 hours
I have reviewed 4,292 individual flashcards

It's a few weeks in and I have completed a few items on the 101 Things in 1001 Days list that I created.  I joined both YIVO and the Yiddish Book Center, as an example. I set up my computer keyboard to allow me to type Yiddish. Look: ײדיש.

I've gotten started on a lot of my goals as well. I created a Wikipedia page for a Yiddish vaudevillian, Pepi Litman. I bough a collection of Yiddish plays, as I intend to organize local readings of a few of them, and a collection of Yiddish poetry, as I intend to memorize a few of them.

So I've gotten off to a start, and the nice thing about a list is you can just go and check things off. The less nice thing is that it also constantly reminds you what you have not yet done and what you have not yet accomplished, and, for me, reminds me just how little time I seem to have to do anything.

It probably doesn't help that I have an internet addiction, but who doesn't nowadays. I constantly check social media for the latest outrage, and they come with great frequency, two a day, three an hour, five per minute. I bicker with people on Facebook, although I have gotten better about that, and am very quick to block when I feel my dander getting up, which nowadays seems to happen almost instantly.

I have a FitBit, and it tracks how much I sleep. Not much. Last night was four hours and 18 minutes. I managed six the night before, but only four hours and 38 minutes the night before that. I get some naps in here and there -- often on the bus on the way too or from work. Not enough, though.

At least I am still managing to push a steady flow of new Yiddish words into my head. My sleepy, sleepy head.