Week 41: I Have Returned to Minneapolis

The stats:

I have studied Yiddish for 277 days
I have studied Yiddish flashcards for a total of 164 hours
I have reviewed 3,318 individual flashcards

After five years away, I have returned to my home state of Minnesota and my home city of Minneapolis. I will discuss that in more detail in a later post, as it changes things for me a fair amount, especially regarding my Yiddish studies.

I have somehow been able to maintain my studies through this transition, although I took a week off from listening to the Yiddish language recording I have been working my way through for the better part of a year. I just had too many thoughts going through my little head to focus. There are a lot of details to a move, especially a very quick one, and this was quick: I made the move in a week, for the most part. My girlfriend is still in Omaha with our dog and will be joining me next weekend with most of our possessions.

I have been on the hunt for a new apartment, and am starting a new job, and it is for the best. But I imagine there will be new challenges, chief among them the fact that there is a lot more to do in Minneapolis, and I am easily distracted.

More soon.